Actor, Singer, Model, Collaborator

Current Events
  • Recently launched her health/wellness business as a CranioSacral Therapist, essential oil Wellness Advocate and soon-to-be Thai Bodyworker:

  • Joined the New York Writer's Dojo for monthly meeting to support the playwriting process

  • In May, 2019 Erika visited Kentucky for 10 days performing in a reading, offering healing sessions and visiting EKCC to participate in the VOICES INSIDE program (one of her favorite volunteer efforts to teach playwriting to incacerated men)

"Erika has been one of my favorite actors at Pioneer Playhouse since she started making appearances in 2014. Her dynamic range is impressive — I’ve enjoyed equally her comedic roles, such as Mavis Templeton in “The Murder Room,” and her more dramatic parts, such as Annie in the Kentucky Voices plays “Grounded” and “Guarded.” Erika is good at connecting the audience with her characters’ feelings, forming a bond that pulls people in and makes them want to watch." (Ben Kleppinger, Executive Editor @ The Advocate Messenger)

  • BOOKED an industrial - 5 days, 9 scenes!

  • LEAD/COWRITER in short film, "Connecting", co-written and directed by Miguel Galindo

  • CALLBACK for AIMEE in "The Humans" at San Diego Repertory Theatre

  • CALLBACK for JEN in Bekah Brunstetter's The Cake 

  • CALLBACK for BLANCHE in AthensWest's production of "Brighton Beach Memoirs"

  • CALLBACK for IZZY in "Rabbit Hole" with Lungtree Productions in NYC

** seeks representation

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