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Actor, Singer, Model, Collaborator

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"Erika has been one of my favorite actors at Pioneer Playhouse since she started making appearances in 2014. Her dynamic range is impressive — I’ve enjoyed equally her comedic roles, such as Mavis Templeton in “The Murder Room,” and her more dramatic parts, such as Annie in the Kentucky Voices plays “Grounded” and “Guarded.” Erika is good at connecting the audience with her characters’ feelings, forming a bond that pulls people in and makes them want to watch."

- Ben Kleppinger, Executive Editor @ The Advocate Messenger

"I can vouch for Erika's strong talent as an actress and also her amazing work ethic.  She was incredibly beloved by all the faculty.  Extremely responsible and reliable as well. She can appear as very elegant on stage, also workaday Midwestern or any kind of rural without any vanity, she moves really well (starred in an all-movement, through-sung original one act by Daniel Pearle that knocked the socks off everyone), sings prettily, and is experienced at devised work as well.  She also asks intelligent textual questions--in the nicest possible way--when working on new scripts.   Very valued by our new playwrights.  I hope you'll keep her on your list and call her."

- Laura Maria Censabella, American playwright and screenwriter, teacher at The New School for Drama

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  • DIRECTORIAL DEBUT! "Cockeyed" by William Missouri Downs at Pioneer Playhouse was a HIT!

  • Monthly Guest "Appearances" on Danville/Harrodsburg local radio stations

  • Voices Inside: Online mentor for incarcerated playwrights out of Northpoint Training Facility 

  • Completed 8th summer season as lead actor at Pioneer Playhouse

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