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Actor, Singer, Model, Collaborator

"Erika is one of the hardest working acting artists I know...all she does is Practice! Practice! Practice! her craft on stage and off."

-John Lant (Production Manager Carnegie Hall/Independent Off-Broadway Producer)



"Lee is on top of her game throughout the performance; even when others are in the spotlight, her face reveals she is plotting her next move or dreading that her lies will be uncovered"

-Ben Kleppinger (The Murder Room)

"You breathed life into that play and brought it home for me.  Certain things actors do will stand the test of time...your performance ranks right up there with The Graduate for me.  I won't forget it"

-Greg Hatton  (Walking Across Egypt)

Erika Lee Sengstack plays Raquel and, like the maestro, is a force to be reckoned with. She makes grand entrances, sings whenever it suits her and carries around a little dog names Puccini, all while trying to match the schemes of her husband turn by turn."

-Ben Kleppinger (Living on Love)

"As Gretchen, Erika Lee has laughs jumping out of the audience's throats almost every time she delivers a line"

-Ben Kleppinger  (Boeing Boeing )

"Erika Lee breathes fully-connected soulfulness into every molecule of the characters she portrays.  She's a method actress supreme with a bag of amazing technical tricks."

-Robby Henson  (Artistic Director of Pioneer Playhouse, Screenwriter/Director)

"Annie and Beulah are complex and deep characters; Sengstack and Hammond are just as solid in the roles as they were in 2015"

-Ben Kleppinger (Guarded)

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